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Elegant Elements for Avada Error

Elegant elements makes it Avada live builder unaccessable and displays a small window. I have attached a screenshot. I disabled all plugins and found that Elegant Elements was the cause of failure. 

(44.4 KB)

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I've had a support ticket logged since June 6th and have never received a response despite my 2 follow-up notes. The ticket is listed as in progress. Does anyone know if there is someone working in support, or if they have stopped supporting this product?

I am also having an error E'isotope error I have contacted support 

I'm also experiencing the same problem. Although the problem started with Avada's last upgrade, their tech support is blaming Elegant Elements for the problem.  I've had to disable Elegant Elements, which is causing its own set of problems. Will this be fixed soon, or do I need to go through and remove all Elegant Elements from my websites?

I am experiencing the same problem. Any updates on this?

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